Online Dating Profile Tips and Photo Tips

October 6, 2013

Dating Profile Photo Tips

Profile Photo Tips

Your profile photograph is usually the first thing people see when searching for a prospective date on a dating website so it’s a good idea to put a little bit of thought into which photos to use.  If you get this right then you will get much more interest in your profile and hopefully have potential partners dying to know more about you.

1.    Don’t Use Old Photographs

Don’t be tempted to use photographs from when you were younger, it will probably be obvious to the person viewing the picture when they know how old you are from your profile, and they may think you’re ashamed of how you look now.  If you are successful in getting a date then the person may not recognise you and you will have to explain why you didn’t use a more up to date photo.  It will get the date off on the wrong foot and they may wonder if you’ve been dishonest about other things on your profile.

2.    Use More Than One Photograph

Include a couple of photographs on your profile showing you in different places and from different angles.  One should be a fairly close up of your face and try to include at least one where you are standing – most people look better and slimmer when standing.  The main profile picture, which is the first one people will see, should have just you in the picture, preferably smiling.  It’s ok to include other people in your other photo’s but always get their permission before uploading a photo of them onto a public website.  You could also think about including some action pictures of you doing something you enjoy for example mountain biking or walking in the countryside.  Try to avoid pictures of you holding a glass of beer or sitting in the pub as this might put some people off.

3.    Wear The Right Outfit

If you are having photographs taken especially to put on your profile make sure you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in but also choose an outfit that you feel good in – feeling confident about how you look will come across in the picture.  Don’t wear sunglasses or a hat as people want to see the real you.

4.    Don’t try too hard

When it comes to posting pictures, the secret is not trying too hard. Don’t worry about immediately attracting someone when they first go to your profile. There are some great men and women in the world, and the one you’re going to end up with is going to choose you because of who you are as a package – not because of some silly photo. Ultimately, your personality has to be your best selling point, so try to capture it authentically in your pictures.


Online Dating – Profile Writing Tips

Your profile tells prospective dates some details about you so it’s very important that you actually complete the profile and don’t just leave it blank.  Even if you have a great picture most people will not look any further if the profile is empty.  As a rough guide try to include something about the kind of person you are – if you’re confident, chatty and outgoing or a bit on the shy side – and a little about your personal situation.  Also include what you like to do in your spare time.  Another tip – if spelling isn’t your best point try typing your profile into a word document and running the spell checker before you upload it to the website – this also gives you a chance to see how it reads and may give you ideas of how to change or reword it.

1.    Be Honest

The first thing to remember when creating your profile is to be as honest as you can.  If you lie about your age then you will ultimately be found out and you could put off someone who you really want to like you.  As with your photographs it will get a potential date off to a bad start and you only get one chance to make a first impression.  The last thing you want to do is to make your date think they have wasted their time coming to meet you.  Be honest about your hobbies and interests – you want to meet someone who enjoys similar activities to you and you don’t want to meet someone you really like only to lose them because you were dishonest.

2.    Don’t Give Too Much Away

While it’s important to be honest you should also be wary of giving away too much information about yourself.  Don’t give details of where you live, places that you like to hang out or work or details of your income.  It’s essential that you keep your personal details for when you get to know someone better and are certain that you can trust them.

3.     Try to Stand Out from the Rest

With so many profiles on dating websites, it’s important to try to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd. You are unique, so try to make sure your personality shines through and that prospective dates can get an idea of the real you.
Try to inject some humour to show people that you are friendly and approachable.
Look at what other members have written for some inspiration, or you could ask your friends to describe you.  Most members don’t read every profile thoroughly and tend to scan them. With this is mind it’s good to use words that stand out, for example place names, film titles, football teams…things that might catch someone’s eye and make them read your full profile.

4.     Give Your Profile a Headline

Maybe consider giving your profile a headline, this will help it stand out from the others and could be a few words which sum up your personality or what you are looking for.
If you are going to give this a try it should be honest and intriguing – perhaps a line from a poem or a song title which you feel sums you up perfectly.  It will give prospective dates a quick glimpse of what you are about and something to remember about your profile.

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